Summer is coming – prepare your home with proper Pest control


We all love summer! sunshine, walking outside with a t-shirt and shorts – its a lot of fun! but one thing that summer brings with him its a lost of annoying pests! from mosquitos, ants and bed bugs!

the best thing you can do if you don’t want to have o use a pest control service is to be prepare in advance! that way you can rest assure you have done the best you can before having to pay lots of money to your local exterminator.

there are many do it yourself pest control methods and the best thing about it that are more friendly to your house pets and family member.


pest control system


if you already have a pest control problem you can use this tips

Find the Source

The best way to eliminate pests is to find the source. Basically you could the place where these annoying pets are getting in. Just watch them.

Homemade Remedies 

If you discover the main source of pests, start to implement remedies to eliminate them. Usually it is best to begin by stopping them from coming in. You have to follow these:

  • Repair screen, walls, doors and windows, make sure all the gaps are cleared

  • Wash down cabinets, cabinet tops, drawers and pantries

  • Remove garbage and clutter


in case you still have a pest problem it might be wise to call a pest control company to take of the problem right at in its head.

How to find the right pest control company for you?

I live in Phoenix and this is the best control company i use. before you pick a company make sure you do your research , head over to google and simply search for “pest control (name of your city) ” and see what comes up.

also ask your friends for recommendation – surly some of them had to use some pest control company in the past.

most important is to not just let the problem be – because if you don’t take care of your pest problem – they will multiple and grow until you will have a serious problem on your hands.

also make sure you know the correct prices so you will know what you talking about when talking to a pest control company salesman.

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